Let Us Entertain You!

The Theatre Arts Club is for those who enjoy all aspects of live and virtual theatre.

The unspoken mission statement of Theatre Arts is our commitment in bringing varied forms of theatrical entertainment to residents of

Ocean Hills Country Club.


Live theatre offers a wide spectrum of opportunities, hence members with no experience are invited to become part of a team who are also learning on the job.  Those who wish to express themselves through acting have the full support of a director. Other categories include a producer, a full production crew which includes stage manager, wardrobe/costumes, make up, hair styling, catering. Perhaps you will find your hidden talent.


The axiom, “The show must go on” holds true for Theatre Arts. Without the active support and participation of members, we face the reality that, without a show, we have no audience; without an audience, there is no show. 


Now is the time to become an active member of the Theatre Arts Club.

Join us in 2023. Bring your talents, hidden or known.

Grab the fun of a new experience in theatre.