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If you didn't join or renew your membership at Do Dues Day, you can still join the Club at any time. Just click on the paw icon below and complete the form to add to your check and drop off at the Clubhouse.

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Rattlesnakes: Be prepared and alert

We live in rattlesnake territory, so please be careful if you take your dog outside, especially if you let them run off-leash, you might consider going to your vet to get an anti-rattlesnake venom shot to have on hand. 

If your dog is bit by a rattlesnake the shot helps slow the reaction of the venom and gives your a little more time to react.  You still must get your dog to the vet immediately and the shot is good for about six months.  Remember the reaction time is very fast so you must take your dog to the emergency vet if your regular vet is not open.  The closest emergency vet is California Veterinary Specialists, 2310 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008.  They are Open 24 hours and the Phone number is (760) 431-2273

Keep your eyes open and be prepared. Let's keep our furbabies safe.

How to Add Your Pets' Photo to Your Profile Page on the OHCC Website

Your profile page on the Ocean Hills Country Club website is the perfect place to show off your pet(s), along with their descriptions. It's easy to do, and it also helps Security with identifing lost pets. 


Here's how to add their info:

• Sign on to the website:

• Go to the "My Profile" page by clicking on the tab at the top

• You will see all your information there

• Scroll down to "Pets"

• Click "Add" button on the right

• A new window appears: Add A New Pet

• FIll in name, description, etc.

• Click on the photo frame icon

• A "File Upload" window appears, click on the "browse" button

• Locate the photo of your pet from your files on your computer and click on it

• Click "Upload" button. Photo then appears in the photo frame

• Click "Save" button in the upper right


If you experience problems, contact the HOA office for help.

No Retractable Leashes!



This is for the safety of everyone. These leashes do not allow for full control of your animal and may endanger other animals and people.  

All dogs should have a collar with a tag that has current contact information for the owner. Information on your pets should be current with the HOA.

If a cat has a collar, the contact information should also be included.

LET'S PLAY: Enjoy the OHCC Dog Park

At OHCC, we are fortunate to have a great amenity for dog lovers: our on-site, off least dog park. It's a place for our dogs to get together and have some off-leash fun while their people get a chance to hang out, socialize and watch them play.


Bring your dog down and enjoy the easy turf lawn, complete with fire hydrants, to run, play and socialize. 


Dog Park Hours: 11 am-Dusk everyday