OHCC Pet Lovers Club


The OHCC Pet Lovers Club was formed as part of Ocean Hills Social Clubs to further all issues regarding the welfare of pets. Annual membership is $6.00 per individual and $10 per household.



Membership meetings are held on the second Saturday of second month, each quarter at 10:00 am in the OHCC Clubhouse. Programs are intended to assist owners in training and maintenance of healthy, appreciated and loved animals. An annual brunch is held on the first or second Saturday of August and the annual general meeting is held on the first or seccond Saturday of November. 

Notice of any other meeting that requires membership participation will be sent to the membership when needed, giving members sufficient time to prepare for the meeting.


Dog Park

Our fenced, off-leash dog park is open from Noon to dusk each afternoon. The park is located by the overflow parking lot. Benches and umbrellas are maintained by the Club. Inside the park, pet handlers must take full responsibility for their animal and be capable of handling them in any situation. 


Pet Registration - Lost and Found

Club assistance is given to reunite family with lost pets, and to care for pets at time of a family medical emergency. Pets within the walled community of OHCC are registered residents. All dogs and cats should be included on the annual registration form so that we can easily reunite a found pet with it's owner. On the form, please include the pets name, gender, type of animal (breed for dogs and DSH, DLH or DMH for cats) and the color. Should a lost pet be found, we search our data base based on these items and contact the owners of record for those people having pets that fit the description of the pet.


Dog owners should keep the dog collar on at all times and make sure that the county license, microchip tag and name tag are current and up to date with your best contact information (even a good dog can get out of your yard or away from you.)


If a pet is lost or found, call Security (760-758-7111) and they will notify Ellen Kippel.

President Ellen Kippel
(with Callie)
and Ken (with Sandy)

2019-20 Pet Lovers Club Officers


President - Ellen Kippel  

home phone: 760-305-7114, cell phone: 714-893-7621, email: ohccpetloversclub@cox.net


Vice President - Peter Kautz

Treasurer - Elizabeth Westwater

Secretary - Penny Ostergaard

Cat Connection - Vic White





Contact for Lost or Found Pets


If a pet is lost or found, call Security (760-758-7111) and they will notify Ellen Kippel.


Ellen Kippel: 4909 Tilos Way, Oceanside, CA 92056  760-305-7114   714-893-7621 (cell)



Residents should make sure that their pet information is registered with HOA/security so that if an animal is found it would be easy to find the owner.


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